Reviewing the band’s 1984 debut album “Midnight Mission” critics wrote:



“Carla Olson combines John Fogerty-style populist politics with a grand Rolling Stones inflected bent for hellfire rock’n’roll then manages to make both influences seem secondary with a raw, growling, irruptive vocal style that owes acknowledgement to no influence other than its own zeal and compassion. Intriguingly, like Bruce Springsteen, Olson is an artist who takes an unflinching look at the American Dream and comes away with her ideals and resolve intact. As a result so do a few more of the rest of us.”

- Mikal Gilmore, Los Angeles Herald Examiner


“The music of Bruce Springsteen, The Blasters, The Textones and The Minutemen seems as critical of America as anything produced in the ‘60s.”

- Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times




“Carla Olson writes songs that mean something. The album is rich in realism, from the pain filled lyrics of See The Light to the stark and compassionate sound of the album’s title track.”

-      Peter Holden, Cashbox



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2018 seems like the perfect moment for a new Textones album.